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Nursanickel Motel

815 TX-207
Spearman, TX 79081 US
Charles Lindbergh Lands in Spearman
In 1934, famed aviator Colonel Charles Lindbergh and wife Ann Morrow stopped just outside of Spearman for fuel on a cross country trip. Lindbergh, years earlier (1924) had crashed a plane into a hardware store near Camp Wood, Texas (Real County) on a cross-country trip before becoming an air cadet in San Antonio. The brief event received a historical marker that stands today .4 miles South of 13th Ave and SH 207.
Southwestern Pioneer Windmill Association
World famous windmill collector JB Buchanan, died Monday. He was 96. "He grew up loving and listening to windmills singing in the wind....clitter-clatter of sucker rods going up and down
Stationmasters House Museum
The museum is housed in the former cottage built for the railroad stationmaster and his family. Also on site is the Spearman Santa Fe depot, a windmill and a replica of the first building built north of the Canadian river by settlers.
Charles Lindbergh Lands in Spearman

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Southwestern Pioneer Windmill Association